Saturday, September 21, 2013

Fall down seven, get up eight

While it hasn't quite been seven times, I do feel like I've had to get myself back up, dust off the dirt and get back on the road to success.

Much has transpired since my last post.  Just as the redness and puffiness left my eyes from weeping over our chemical, I got an email from my IM.  They'd thought it over and after an answer from the egg donor agency they'd used almost six years before, they wanted to try again.  They found the same donor from their first surrogacy journey and she was willing to donate.  So many emotions swept over me.  To sum them up in a word, I had hope again.

The fast and slow of it was that they had to get the donor screened, approved and her legal work done.  As we had a pretty eventful summer (which included an addition to our family, one Great Dane puppy named Hamlet, countless trips and a foot surgery for my husband) we did not notice how long it took to get everything going for a new cycle.  August was to be our new date and we figuratively tore pages off our calendar until there were only days left.

Eagerly awaiting news of the egg donor's retrieval, we bit our nails until we learned they'd retrieved 13 eggs.  Our happiness was clouded when I started bleeding just a week before our transfer.  I was crushed.  I felt like my body had betrayed me.  I felt guilty and disheartened and I hated to hear the news that we'd be postponing the transfer and freezing the embryos.  I knew J really wanted a fresh transfer and I couldn't help but blame myself for the delay.  Worst of all, no one know why I had started bleeding.

After a bit of pouting and pep talks to each other, J and I decided to look on the bright side.  June wasn't just a month for weddings!  It's one for having babies too.  So, we adjusted our plans and prepared for another month of meds, appointments and waiting.

So here we are.  Nearly ten months after meeting and we are on our second attempt at expanding their family.  We have eight frozen embryos at HRC and all graded excellent or good.  My lining was at a 9.6 as of yesterday and flights and a hotel room have been booked.  We are California bound!  Our transfer is set for September 27th at 10:15AM (PST)

J&D have opted to keep things a little more on the quiet side this time; especially on facebook.  It can feel like salt in the wound when you have to explain things over and over again to those that are only trying to offer their support during a time of sadness and disappointment, so I'm blogging as means to document our journey.

I hope to have news to report by the 2nd of October!  Wish us luck. :)