Wednesday, February 13, 2013

California here we come

If you were around circa 2003, you might have heard of a little show called, "The O.C." 
I was obsessed with that show and I made my, then long-distance boyfriend, now husband watch it with me and we’d sit on the phone and watch it together.  I know, I know, you’re thinking, “LAME!” and rolling your eyes smugly.  Well, it wasn’t lame, we didn’t have skype and texting and all of that jazz back then so we communicated in two ways.  The phone and Instant Messenger.  Go ahead, go Google “instant messenger” and I’ll wait. 

Back from your trip to 1999?   (P.S.  I know instant messaging is still around, but find me someone that’s used it on a daily basis and bring them to me so I can look them in the eye and then walk them over to get them a text messaging plan that fits their data usage needs.)

Tangent!  Okay, let’s continue! 

So the show’s theme song was a nice number called, “California” by Phantom Planet.  I loved this song.  The lyrics start with, “California here we come” and it’s so fitting because California, here I come!

I checked in this morning and I’m in section A to board, which is nice b/c I dislike waiting and I dislike sitting in the middle.  Now, window seat or aisle seat?  Probably window because I love to look outside and because I won’t have to get up if some joker has to pee five times. 

My flight leaves at 6:30AM Texas time tomorrow morning and then I meet with the clinic for my screenings.  Afterwards, I’m checking into my hotel and then headed for a tour of the Warner Bros. studio.  I’m really excited about that!  Then, I’m ordering room service and indulging in hours of uninterrupted Lifetime network bliss!!

In the background, we’re working on contracts and psych evals and all of that other groundwork that has to be put into place before anyone will let me get pregnant.  As our psychologist puts it, “We have to see if you’re crazy enough to do this again.”  :)  The answer is, most definitely.

So, I’ll catch up with y’all when I get back from California.  :)