Thursday, February 28, 2013


Before any trip, we like to make checklists.  Well, when I say, "we" I mean my husband actually makes the lists. However, I do enjoy checking things off of lists.  So, there are several things we've been able to check off our list this week:

Medical Screenings
Blood work
Flight Arrangements
Mental Evaluation
Receiving Medications

As soon as I start my period, I can call the nurse and we'll start meds.  I got a big box of meds the other day:

Surrogates are some of the only people in the world that are happy to get medications.  It means things are about to get really interesting!

This week has been a whirlwind.  At the end of last week, my IM nonchalantly mentioned my psych evaluation that we needed to get done.  We had originally scheduled it in early February, but were going to wait until medical screenings were completed, so we postponed the appointment.  I was supposed to follow up with the psychologist after we got the all clear for medical screenings.  Well, we just got that like yesterday...but with the new job and all that happened last week, I forgot to call her.  Well, she's out of town this week.  I vaguely remember her mentioning that but had thought we'd have it taken care of in plenty of time.  Oh boy.  I think between my IM and me, we called every psychologist in Texas, and a few other states.  To save you time, we ended up getting it taken care of around 11AM today.  Whew!

Incidentally, the clinic needed clearance for that and legal clearance by ummmm....TODAY!!  So, our contracts were finally finished up yesterday.  My husband and I zipped over to get ours notarized and then my IPs got theirs notarized in Louisiana.  So, as of this morning, we had mental and legal clearance.  (And medical too as they finally got the all clear on blood work!)  Talk about waiting until the LAST minute!  Not that I feel like it was any fault of my IPs or me...haha.  Okay, maybe a smidgen my fault. :) 

So, tomorrow is my first monitoring appointment to check the lining of my uterus.  My uterus?  You mean you haven't met?  Oh, well let me introduce you to my amazing uterus. 

You see that teardrop shape?  Well, that's supposed to be perfect shape when you're looking at the uterus that's been expanded for inspection.  Believe me, I heard about it for 5 mins. from the RE.  He kept remarking about how it looked like I hadn't ever had children because it was in such good shape.  Errmmm.....thank you? :)

So, all of that's to say that things are going smoothly.  I'll check in after my lining monitoring!

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