Friday, February 22, 2013

California update

Hello y'all!  I'm sorry that my California update has been so delayed.  I started my new job on Tuesday and my husband was out of town from Sunday to Wednesday and apparently I am spoiled and rely on him for many, many things such as sleep, laundry, and riot control when I cook dinner.  (If you have three or more children, you'll understand). 

On to California...

The trip was a success.  Dr. Wilcox exclaimed that I have a nice uterus and that you couldn't ask for a better start.  He also said whomever was working with me was lucky, including him.  Awwww.  Everyone knows that the way to a surrogate's heart is through her uterus. ;) 

So, we did a little more bloodwork and are just waiting for that, and my husband's results, to come back.  We're also in the midst of contracts and are hoping to wrap all of that up this week.

Four weeks from now, we will be transferring!!  I cannot wait to go back to California.  The weather was wonderful and it was a quintessential Cali day while I was there.  Sunshine, not too hot or cold, a little breeze.  Oh to have that weather everyday.  Best of all, no humidity!

As I was traveling alone, on Valentine's Day, I made the most of my time alone and did the Warner Bros. tour in Burbank.  It was really cool!  I even had the chance to sit on the actual couch from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. set!!  I declined to do so as I really want to go back with my husband and take a picture there for the first time, together. :) 

So, my next surrogacy-related appointment will be March 1st for a monitoring ultrasound and I'll also start meds that day.  I cannot believe that's just next week!!!!

Stay tuned. :)

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