Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A very surprising message

Well, we are just hours away from leaving for California and I'm feeling excited, impatient, at ease, hopeful, and happy.  I don't feel at all anxious and that's a little surprising, but I guess it's because I just have such a calm about all of this.  I do wish this day would be done, however!  :)

So, I got a surprising message yesterday and while it will not come to fruition for a year or two, if it even happens, it completely made my day!  To protect this person's privacy, I won't disclose much as it's not my place to accounce someone's parenting choices!

Anyway, I was approached by an old friend about carrying a baby for them, their first child.  We had lunch and joked about this almost 2 years ago and it's kind of funny that they've decided surrogacy is for them and that they really do want me to carry.  I felt so honored and excited and I sincerely hope I'm medically cleared to carry for them when the time arrives.  It was really a special message to get and I hope they know how much it means that they even asked! <3

Now, I'm (not so) patiently waiting for 5 o'clock so I can go home and pack, get my three babies ready for 4 days without me and get to bed early so we're rested for our day tomorrow.  I've already checked us in for our flights and we have massages planned in the morning, so we'll drop off our two oldest at school and the youngest at the sitter.  Then we rendevous with the IPs at LAX!

Our transfer is set for 9:30AM (PST) on Friday at HRC, so please think snuggly thoughts at that time!!!  They have 7 frozen embryos from their first surrogacy so all of them will be thawed and we'll transfer the best.  It'll likely just be the one embryo, but there's a chance we'll do two.  Our goal is one healthy baby though, so everyone think good thoughts, please!  I'm not sure if we'll be testing or not and even if we are, not sure we'll share.  I know, I know, I know!!!  But I want to respect my IM's wishes and I'm leaving it up to her.  After all, this is her journey too. :)

So, I'll probably post from California.  For now, pleasant dreams, little totsicles.  I'll see you in a couple of days! :)