Tuesday, March 26, 2013


We did finally get to transfer on Saturday morning and of the three, we had two embryos left that morning.  One 5AA blastocyst and another that was progressing well but didn't have a defined inner mass that could be graded.  We transferred both and the transfer went smoothly.  Dr. Wilcox was positive about our chances and said we did all we could to guarantee a successful pregnancy.

So here I wait....

This is a picture of me going, "This damn thing has only moved one minute since the last time I checked it!"  Time is creeeeping by and I'm over-analyzing every twinge and sensation asking myself, "what does that mean?"  I'm still on medications that make you feel pregnant and make your body think it's pregnant so I can't rely on those symptoms.  This is the part that's hard.  It's not hard to carry a baby and hand him/her/them back to their parents.  It's hard to know all of their dreams are in your hands (or uterus) and that you have done everything you can (including wishing, hoping and praying) but all you can do now is wait.  Wait...wait..wait.  There's nothing more you can do right now to help the situation, except maybe let your IPs know that you're waiting too and it's killing you as well! :)  Misery loves company, right? 

So, here's to a few more days of waiting and maybe we'll start testing somewhere along the way and have some early news.  Our beta isn't scheduled until April 4th, which is FOR-EV-ERRRRRRRRRRRRR away, so I hope we get our + well before then!

Stay tuned and keep those positive thoughts coming!!!  We can feel the love! :)