Monday, March 11, 2013


TMNT...can you guess what that stands for?

Go ahead...

I'll wait...

No, it doesn't stand for "Torturous Maximum Nutrition Test" or "Tumultuous Mischievous Nuisance Tracker."  It stands for this:

Heros in a half shell.  Turtle Power.  (You know you had that in your head!)

So my IPs came in for the weekend for the get-together I mentioned in my last post.  Their sweet son, N, is a fan of the TMNT; as are my kids and this song has been in my head since Saturday! 

Friday night, we met J, D & N at the Cheesecake Factory.  The parking in the Galleria was bananas so we were pretty late, but they were sitting there with smiling faces as my children ran up, I walked in and my husband hobbled over.  (Poor thing ended up slipping on a wet spot with his crutches and hurt his foot even more when he landed on it.  Just wasn't his week!) :)  But, we powered on, errr, HE powered on, I just chatted my IPs' ears off! LOL  The kids played with their devices and we enjoyed our dinner, ending with delicious cheesecake goodness.  (We had the cookie dough cheesecake and it was so amazing!  They had the banana cheesecake and loved it, too).

After a failed attempt at bowling (a 2 hour wait!  That place was hopping!) we decided to call it a night.  The next morning, J and I texted and figured out our plans for the next day.  The first stop was the Alamo Drafthouse at Vintage Park.  We saw Megamind with my two oldest and her son.  It was great!!  If you've never been there, you order your food and can eat, drink and be merry all from the comfort of your theater seat!  Score!  They show new and old movies and they even do interactive events, which are my favorite.  Definitely check it out if you're ever near one. 

So, we drove all the way from the Northwest side of Houston down to the Southeast side to visit the NASA Space Center Houston.  This place recently added an Angry Birds exhibit and my kids go gaga for Angry Birds.  As they walked up to a giant Angry-Bird themed play center, the excitement was building.  My kids have been here twice since that was installed but this was N's first time.  We watched our little ones climb to the tippy-top while J & I sat and visited a little more.  Soon, it was time to explore the rest of the center. 

After that, we headed to Whole Foods before hitting the dinner party (on the West side of Houston).  We put some major mileage on that vehicle this weekend!!!  We arrived and instantly starting chatting up a storm with the other IMs/Surrogates while our children ran circles around our friend, H's house.  She has an AMAZINGLY beautiful home and is so laid back about the kiddos being there.  It was nice to relax and visit.  I also got to hug our beloved matchmaker, A.  I really need to send her flowers or something for bringing J and I together.  After a long night, we headed back across town to pick up my car which was a few miles from the hotel J was staying at for the weekend.  CURSES!  I'd forgotten my purse at H's.  I had the good fortune to be parked outside my BFF's apartment and she was rolling up as we got there.  My daughter and I hopped in her car and she hooked my son up with some Netflix.  45 mins. later, I crashed in her pad around midnight.  It had been an exhausting but wonderful day!

J, D & N headed home that Sunday in the rain but I'd like to think their sunny smiles kept them warm.  She was working on Transfer-Day shirts for us this morning and booked our hotel rooms for the transfer.  I'm ecstatic to report that I will have a beach view for my bed rest!  Oh, what a hard, hard life I live!!  ;) 

I cannot believe that we will be pregnant next week!!  It's like a fairytale how wonderfully things have gone.  I couldn't be happier and I can't wait to wear our designer shirts!!! :D

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